Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stress when it comes to March and April !


Hey hey what's up yall... Wacca doin'..? Ececeh.. Otai pulak. Saje melayan kesewelan saya ni sebab tengah stress. Oh stress! Lecturer saya kata stress ni bagus. Huh is it really? Apa-apa jelah. Hoi ! Koje ekau melambak boleh lagi ekau berblogging ye.. Ala rilex la.. Hilangkan stress kejap.

Currently I am preparing for my PRESENTATION 1, BEL 492. I am going to talk about ASTHMA. Hey do you really know about asthma? Heh I know lah a little bit. Basically lah.. With a few research I think I can do it. I mean memorizing the text (Oh...... T__T) Ala rilex la... Just for 5 minutes presentation. What do you afraid of..? Ceh cakap senang. Diam lah!

Ok then going to have Financial Market and Institution, FIN536 TEST ! And for the same day. Yeah..! Now I am going to learn all the thing that I hate the most. OK FINE! You have to face it. Oh it is so good to be in Cosmopoint during my diploma. Ok ok back to reality.

The same day also. Mandarin QUIZ. With some Mandarin word like this

(nián) means YEAR

(yuè) means MONTH

(hao) means DAY

Ok sudah. Nak sambung buat kerja nih.

Bye bye people.

Macam nilah student. Stress bila dah nak habis semester.

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