Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is it necessary to put songs in your blog?

Assalamualaikum ladies and gentlemen,

Today I would like to argue about 'Is it necessary to put songs in your blog?'

Frankly speaking, my answer is no. It is not necessary kot. Why? Oh it's a kind of noisy ya'know.. Yeah yeah I've did it once. And you know what song I put? It's Alfie song by Lenka. Tapi tu dulu kay.. Tu dulu. Then I feel it is really disturbing me. Don't ya feel that.. Pffftt

Ok fine. Not everyone like to put what ever songs they like. But not me. Seriously. When I visit a blog that there was a song, the first thing I did was look for where the song player (or whatever you called it) was placed. Then I have to stop it. Unfortunately, I will turn off my volume if I could not found where the song was hidden. Demmit! 'Menjajo-jajo' tahu tak nak cari mano uols letak lagu tu..?

Kalau lagu sedap ke slow takpe la kan.. What if it is screamo song? urrghhh! Ce bayangkan kalau kat cyber cafe. Mahu terkejut mak.. Omakau...!! Kalau letak lagu nasyid kan sedap sikit. Ececeh... (=.=)

Ok dah dah..  So the point is, for those who have any intention to have some 'bising-bising' song, please la change your mind. It might disturbing others. If you wanna put songs kan, please la cari player yang ada button STOP/PAUSE. Ok? That would be better.

Ok guys. Assalamualaikum. Bye.

This is just my opinion. Please don't get angry. 
Please Forgive Me


  1. a'ah setuju..dah la page tu jadi lambat nak load.kesian pengguna2 internet slow macam aku ni..

  2. that's right.. nak2 lagi time line maxis bb ni lambat. mmg azab nak ke boleh tunggu loading tu..